Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't Be Nice to Yourself and Start Losing Weight

In today's fast pace of living, we really don't seem to get much time to ourselves or get the chance to just sit back and enjoy the good things in life. This seems to have created the trend of grabbing some piece of food that we really enjoy as an indirect way of rewarding ourselves. This has contributed to that weight gain without a doubt. I mean we worked hard all day here it is 9pm and it would not hurt to grab a piece of that chocolate cake. After all, I deserve some little pleasures in life right.

The answer is yes but if we continue to subconsciously reward ourselves like this then we are on the fast track to obesity and being generally unhealthy. If you stop to think about it if we load ourselves up with all this unhealthy food, then there is no room left for the good stuff. It is called the good food because it gives our body what we need. When we do not get it then our body is suffering from nutrients. That does not just happen from people starving themselves of food. It can also happen from good food starvation.

Ok so we have identified a possible cause of our being over weight. So now our eating styles have become such a pattern to our everyday life how do we change it? To begin with, find something else to reward yourself with. When you go to grab that piece of junk food, just stop for one minute and ask yourself? Am I really hungry enough to want this dish of ice cream? If the answer is yes, then ask what favorite good food you could replace it with. Then go for that. If the answer was no, then think of something else that would make you feel good right now. Perhaps a relaxing bubble bath? Go for it. Just making a little change such as this is going to help stop the weight gain. The next plan is to create the weight loss.

Exercise is going to be the key and you are probably asking yourself where in the world are you going to get the energy or the time to do that. This really is difficult especially for the working person that also has a family to attend to. Be a little creative. Instead of going upstairs to get all the laundry at once, make three trips. Instead of stopping by the grocery store on your drive home from work. Wait till after dinner and go to the local store, walking of course. While you are waiting for the bath to fill, try a few simple exercises. If you really think about it, you are going to come up with numerous ways to fit exercise in without even knowing you are doing it.Weight loss will soon become evident and when it does, your morale is going to be boosted. There will be no stopping you then girl!

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